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Compare and Contrast for Writing Effective Essays

by Sue Gench


To illustrate your essay well, compare and contrast facts.

Compare means discuss similarities. Defend your opinion by giving examples of facts representing ideas similar to your opinion. Here is an example for comparison: "Democracy upholds the right of the citizens in a nation against a powerful single authority or group. The French Revolution upheld the rights of the French citizens, has thrived throughout the world since its occurrence in 1789 by inspiring nations to revolt against their autocratic regimes. So, today democratic nations outnumber autocracies in the world." The French Revolution is a good example to support the idea of democracy, comparing my favorable opinion of democracy with the ideas of the French Revolution.

Contrast means reject the opposite stand to your opinion by giving examples to reject it. For example, "Autocratic regimes deny individual rights to their citizens. The Roman Empire crumbled to its pieces, and likewise many others. Because the majority of the world nations have eradicated their autocratic governments in the last two centuries, we see only few of them in the world today."

I contrast democracy to autocratic regimes: Democracy upholds individual rights but autocratic regimes deny them. I support my opinion by giving an example: The Roman empire ended, many more democratic nations have emerged in the last two centuries. I contrast my favorable opinion of democracy to that of the unfavorable of autocratic regimes.

To defend your opinion in an argument essay, first write a statement for what your opinion is on a given issue. Explain your position. Then give examples to back up your position. "Democracy is the ultimate answer against the abuse of the powerful. Throughout the history, people have fought against tyranny for their freedom. The Roman empire ended. The French Revolution triumphed."




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