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Below is an overview of the TOEFL. Please click a link to go to the section of your interest. Please contact us for a consultation on how we will prepare you for the TOEFL.

What kind of TOEFL tests are there?

Which TOEFL Test is the easier: the IBT, CBT, or PBT?

How should I study for the TOEFL?

Who created the TOEFL?

How many kinds of TOEFL Tests are there?

There are currently three kinds of TOEFL tests that are used around the world:

The IBT: This is an Internet based TOEFL test (IBT). It is currently used in the United States of America, France, Italy, Germany, and Canada for admission to higher educational institutions. The IBT are offered in selected cities in North Africa, the Middle East, Eurasia, Europe, the Americas, Japan and Korea. Visit ets.org/toefl for details.

The CBT: This is a Computer-Based TOEFL (CBT), still used in some countries.

The PBT: The Paper and Pencil TOEFL. It is also called the Institutional TOEFL and still used by English language institutions around the world. Universities and colleges generally do not accept this test for admission unless students take it locally, where the university or college is located. If the English language institution is located near the university or college, then that university or college might accept it for admission. This test will not be phased out in future.

Which TOEFL test do I need to take?

You should take the TOEFL test your educational institution requires. Universities and colleges accept different TOEFL tests.

Which TOEFL test is easier, the IBT, CBT, or PBT?

It depends on the level of English the student already knows. The IBT contains reading and listening tasks, and a speaking section. Some students find the IBT more difficult. For the same reason, some students feel that the PBT is easier because it does not always contain a writing section. It may contain a grammar section only.

How should I study for the TOEF?

You should combine "self-study" with practice. For self-study, visit the TOEFL registration website. For practice, native speakers is your best bet. If you have no access to native English speakers, we will provide you with this opportunity. First, we will assess your English, and then design an individual plan for you to prepare you for the TOEFL. For further inquiry, please contact us at toefl-preparation@onlinetutorfoenglish.com.

Who created the TOEFL Test?

Educational Testing Services (ETS) created the TOEFL Test, and produces it.



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