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Adjectives and Adverbs for Comparing Two Things


When writing, you often want to compare different things or actions. Adjectives are used to compare people, places, things, and ideas. Adverbs are used to compare actions.

Antonio is tall.

Antonio is taller than Bob.

Antonio is the tallest person in our group.

In the first sentence, the basic form of the adjective tall is used to describe Antonio. In the second sentence, the adjective is used to compare two people, Antonio and Bob. In the last sentence, the tallest is used to compare three or more people. These are the three degrees or levels of comparison. Both adjectives and adverbs have these degrees. Here are the examples of the three degrees of the adverb quickly.

Lisa walks quickly.

Sasha works more quickly than Lisa.

Kim walks the most quickly than the three friends.

Comparing Two Things or Actions:

When two things or actions are compared, the correct adjective or adverb is usually formed in two ways. If the modifier is short--one or two syllables--add er. If the modifier is longer--three or more syllables--use the word more plus the adjective or adverb. Always use more with adverbs ending with ly. If an adjective ends with a consonant plus y, change the y to i before adding er.


Karen's job is harder than his.

This shirt is more expensive than that one.


John's band plays louder than Ken's band.

Of those two stars, that one sparkles more brightly.

The opposite of more is less. You can also make comparisons using less.

That car is less expensive than mine.

The housekeeper cleans the kitchen less carefully than my wife does.

Never use more or less along with the er ending.

Incorrect: A roller skate is more cheaper than a bicycle.

Correct: A roller skate is cheaper than a bicycle.



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