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Exercise: Confusing Pronoun References

Grammar Tutorial


Decide if the sentences have clear pronoun references. If not, rewrite the sentence with a clear pronoun.


Mr. Williams and his son Gerry took his car to the mechanic.

Mr. Williams and his son Gerry took David's car to the mechanic.


1. When I saw Ms. Couric standing with her son, I thought he looked tall.


2. Kate told her son to clean his closet and his room since it was a mess.


3. The walls were bright green and the carpeting pale gray, which we taught was really ugly.


4. People are actually living without heat and hot water, and this must be taken care of.


5. They say that the crime is increasing in our city.


6. Rosa told her daughter that she would be able to drive in two weeks.


7. Tom helped Steve to move into his new house.


8. Liz talked with them as they walked down the street.


9. He said I have to buy a parking sticker for my windshield or I will have to pay a fine.


10. The person fixing my car said that it should be taken care of immediately.

11. Amy gave Vera the coat that she had left at her house.





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