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Exercise: Find the simple subject

Grammar Tutorial


Print this exercise. Find the simple subject in each sentence and underline it once. Then choose the correct verb form in the parentheses and underline it, too.


The women across the street (is, are) my aunts.


1. Those fish (has, have) been jumping since we got here.

2. Our problem (is, are) getting the tent set up.

3. We in the jury (believe, believes) he is innocent.

4. My muscles (ache, aches) from all the exercise.

5. The security guard in our company (want, wants) a raise.

6. I (come, comes) to all my son's baseball games.

7. The order (include, includes) paper clips, folders, and tape.

8. My favorite movie (is, are) the Public Enemy.

9. Helen's three huge dogs (pull, pulls) her helplessly along.

10. The price of those strawberries (seem, seems) ridiculously high.




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