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Exercise for Interrupters

Grammar Tutorial


Underline the correct verb form for the sentences with interrupters.


On top of the suitcase (is, are) my keys.

1. At the end of the dusty road (stand, stands) two old pumps.

2. There (is, are) no clues to tell who the robber is.

3. Alexander, along with his three daughters, (waits, wait) beneath the tree.

4. Across the front windows (stretch, stretches) a white ribbon.

5. Three lost dogs, including my collie, (walk, walks) into the yard.

6. Here (is, are) my old hiking boots.

7. Later in the day, the clouds in the west (grow, grows) thick and dark.

7. Why (do, does) those two plants with all those dead leaves still on your desk?




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