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Exercise for Modifers Used with Linking Verbs

Grammar Tutorial


Print this exercise. Read each sentence to decide if the underlined modifiers are correct. If the modifier is correct, write C for correct in the blank; and if not, replace it with the correct modifier.


delighted Larry seemed delightedly to see us.


1. _____________ The early morning sky became darkly with thunderclauds.

2. _____________ Will you be sadly if you don't see him again?

3. _____________ When the two dogs look fiercely at Juan, he crosses quick to the other side of the street.

4. _____________ The doctor lifted up Ann's swollen arm careful.

5. _____________ Chen seems fairly surely that they will take a long vacation next summer.

6. _____________ I feel happily that you are my friend.

7. ______________ The sun shone bright after the storm.

8. _____________ The robber looked evil at the woman as he snatched her purse.

9. _____________ Ms. Cameron lightly scented her wrist with parfume.

10. ____________ The volume on the radio felt too loudly.

11. ____________ Weeds slow covered our neighbor's backyard.

12. ____________ Smoking is harmful to your health.




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