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Exercise for Helping Verbs

Grammar Tutorial


Print this exercise. In each of the following sentences a verb is underlined. If the verb shows incorrect verb sequence, write the form of the verb.


I am sure that I would be a better tennis player if play with a good partner.

will be


1. Toni was convinced that she will get lost. __________________

2. We were so hungry at noon that we ate the meal we had cooked for dinner. ____________

3. Larry finally realized that he locked himself out of his apartment. _____________

4. Sandra's neighbor asked her whether he can borrow a hammer. ______________

5. We would buy a new refrigerator if were able to afford one. _______________

6. Sonia says that she would wash her hair before the party. _______________

7. The police officer said he would give the driver a warning ticket. ______________

8. If Ben knows it was you who found his wallet, he had not panicked. _____________

9. Tanya is pleased that she will receive an award. ______________

10. Vera decided that she could interview the applicant tomorrow morning. ___________




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