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Exercise for Prepositional Phrases as Modifiers

Grammar Tutorial


Print this exercise and underline the modifying prepositional phrase in each sentence. Write the prepositional phrase it modifies.


Walking home, Jon watch the sunset.


1. _____________ Louis saw the bus at the corner.

2. _____________ Opening the door, Xin looked outside.

3. _____________ The smell of the barbecued chicken made me feel hungry.

4. _____________ The exhausted runner, seeing the finish line, speeded up .

5. _____________ Judy was sorry to lose her temper.

6. _____________ Josh returned the books to the library.

7. _____________ Already soaked to the skin, Nidya opened her umbrella.

8. _____________ The basketball game ended soon after sunset.

9. _____________ The police car left the crime scene in a hurry.

10. _____________ Hoping to get more customers, the store manager lowered the prices.

11. _____________ Locking the door, Helen left her apartment.

12. _____________ Two Mexican men crossed over the US border.

13. _____________ Sitting between her parents, Sabrina felt quite happy.




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