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Exercise for Problem Adjectives and Adverbs

Grammar Tutorial


Print this exercise. In each sentence, underline the correct word or group of words in parentheses.


Hillary visited (a, an) museum last week.


1. I have already used (those, them) books.

2. Sean (hasn't scarcely, has scarcely) begun to look for a job.

3. That coffee tastes (bitter, bitterly).

4. When John had a cold and didn't feel (well, good), he stayed in bed and didn't go to work.

5. There is (a, an) easier way that (wouldn't hardly, would hardly) cost any money.

6. The university president is (a, an) good candidate for mayor.

7. They don't have time to sponsor (no, any) special events.

8. Slice (these, those) carrots and add (those, that) cup of peas to the pot.

9. When I am sick, there isn't (nothing, anything) anybody can do make me feel (best, better).

10. It's good for your health if you eat (a, an) variety of fruits and vegetables every day.

11. We couldn't find the keys (anywhere, nowhere) in the house.

12. Carry (this, these) vase over to the dining room table.

13. I (can hardly, can't hardly) wait for summer to arrive so that I can enjoy the beach.

14. That is (a, an) unusual house because it is (more angular, most angular) than the house next to it.



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