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Exercise for writing more precisely and economically

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Rewrite each sentence to state the idea more precisely and economically.


My neighborhood has several new buildings that were built near my house last year.

In my neighborhood, several building were built last year.


1. Heat wise, the temperature should get to eighty degrees warm.


2. People's names are often forgotten by many of us.


3. The first step is to make a detailed list of each of the necessary ingredients right away.


4. The reasons I don't write letters is because I have never enough time to write them.


5. He said that he thought the new salespersons were ready to go out into the field for further training.


6. The children were subjected to sexual abuse by the social agency repeatedly, but never were rescued by government until recently.


7. Pop music is listened by the majority of people in the world even though the pop music is said to be a trivial kind of music.


8. I know I should not be angry about bigotry of any kind in this world because anger doesn't help bigotry go away.


9. My father has no sense of himself, so how is he supposed to understand me?


10. No one is entitled to judging other people's life styles if we live in a free world called democracy.




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