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The party last night was very crowded.

Other fragments can result when a group of words with a connecting word, such as because, when, or if, starts a sentence and the thought is not completed.

If you take the earliest bus in the morning

This groups of words does not tell what will happen if you take the earliest train in the morning. An easy way to correct the fragment is to combine it with another sentence.

If you take the earliest bus in the morning, you will arrive at the conference in time.

Now the sentence is complete. The subject is you and the predicate is will arrive at the conference in time.

Two ways to correct fragments

1. Attach the fragment to the sentence before or after it.

2. Reword or add words to give it a subject and predicate.


Read each group of words below. Decide whether each word is a sentence or fragment. For each answer make a note by answering with either ''Sentence' or with 'Fragment'.

Example: Fragment Went to the library to see new books.

1. You need three stamps on that envelope.

2. This morning, Dan and his friends fished on the river.

3. When the heavy vase fell off the table.

4. This place is a mess!

5. My attorney in Chicago will contact you.

6. Rattle and chugged all the way down the street.

7. My former class mates and the school dean

8. The workers walked carefully through the construction area.

9. Because you and your friends are dependable

10. Lillian received several get-well cards during her illness.



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