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Modifiers Used with Linking Verbs



Remember that linking verbs are words like is, are, seem, appear, look and feel. They connect a noun with another word that describes it or renames it.

These verbs, along with more others, can be used both as a linking verb and as an action verb. Such as:









A modifier that follows these words can be an adjective or adverb. To know which is correct, decide what word is being modified. If the word describes the noun, it must be an adjective. A common mistake is to use the adverb because it seems to modify the verb that it follows.

Incorrect: The luggage looks heavily.

Correct: The luggage looks heavy. (a heavy luggage)

Incorrect: Leyla is growing quick.

Correct: Leyla grows quickly. (how Leyla grows)

Hint: Use this trick to help you decide whether a verb is used as a linking verb or an action verb. Mentally replace the verb with the linking verb is (or, are). If the sentence still makes sense, the verb is a linking verb. Then the modifier should be an adjective. If the sentence doesn't make sense, it is an action verb. Then it takes an adverb as its modifier.

Correct: Sarah grew angry. Sarah is angry.

Incorrect: Sarah grew angrily. Sarah is angrily.

Correct: Leyla grows quick. Leyla is quick.

Incorrect: Leyla grows quickly. Leyla is quickly.



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