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This, That, These, Those, and Them

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This and that are demonstrative adjectives used to point out singular nouns. This points out something that is close by. That points out an object that is not close.

This book is very short.

I don't have that book.

Put this book in that bookcase.

These and those are the plurals of the demonstrative adjectives, this and that. These points out things that are nearby. Those points to things that are not nearby.

These books go in those bookcases.

Because this and these mean here, do not use this, these and here together.

Incorrect: These pencils here are mine.

Correct: These pencils are mine.

Them cannot be used in place of those to point out a noun. Them is always an object pronoun.

Incorrect: Did you see them cars?

Correct: Did you see those cars?



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