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sales rep


active listener



soft sell

hard sell

sales quota

quick witted

detail oriented


sales rep: compound noun. Shortened term for sales representative. A person who is trained to sell products for a particular company, who sells products for a company for a living

listener: noun. A person at the listening end in a two-way communication; active listener in the context of the recommendation for sales interview

active listener: compound noun. A person who listens with undivided attention, demonstrates the skills essential for listening effectively. For example, if you are an active listener, you ask the speaker follow-up questions, have the speaker confirm what you need to understand. Here is an illustration:

A customer wants to return a hair dryer she has bought from your company where you are a sales rep.

Customer: I'm not satisfied with this hair dryer. It's too expensive for the job it does.

Sales Rep: I'm sorry you're not satisfied with it and find it too expensive. What's wrong with this hair dryer, may I ask?

Customer: It's very slow, heavy, and gets hot quickly.

Sales Rep. It's slow and too heavy. It generates too much heat. Am I correct?

Customer: Yes.

In this illustration, the Sales Rep has shown the signs of active listening by having the customer confirm the reasons for returning the product.

well-spoken: compound adjective. Articulate

personable: adjective. To be good at making others feel important and good about themselves, appealing to others, charming

hard sell: compound noun. Demonstrating the obvious purpose to sell a product

soft sell: compound noun. Selling without demonstrating the purpose to sell a product directly. For example, demonstrating good presentation skills and being helpful to the customer by providing important details are soft sell skills.

sales quota: compound noun. The amount of product a sales rep is required by his/her company to sell a product within a given time period

quick-witted: compound adjective. Quick to understand other person's view point and respond most appropriately in a two-way communication

detail oriented: compound adjective. Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task well done


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