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invest: verb. to allocate financial resources in a business for profit

investment: noun. money put in for business

investment strategy: compound noun. a plan of actions and policies for making investment in business

target: noun. certain type of people or purpose for business investment; Example: My company's target is India for biotech research. The target for this investment is middle class home buyers

venture capital: compound noun. investment money for business

venture capitalist: business man or woman who invests in business

enterprise: noun. a business to earn profit

venture capital companies: compound noun. financial companies investing in business enterprises

allocation: certain amount of money put aside for investment (in this topic)

deal: a business settlement. Example, We have got a good deal out of this investment. This sentence means: We have got what we expected to have and we are satisfied with what we got out of this business.

profit: money made out of a business deal

trend: noun. a new way people follow in a field, area, business, science. Today's trend in investment is short-term investment.

deploy: verb. to provide for business certain things like capital, labor.

midsize company: a company with less 10 million dollars investment

large company: a company with more than 10 million dollars investment

intellectual property: intellectual work produced by a person or group of people. Example, I have written this novel; it's my intellectual property.

liquidity noun. assets turned into cash in case of bankruptcy or going out of business

entrepreneurial environment. compound noun. Investment friendly environment. For the US, China has become an attractive entrepreneurial environment.

entrepreneurial spirit; compound noun. having entrepreneurial beliefs, mind

diversification: noun. putting money in different types of markets, products, services to help to decrease risk and earn more profit.

industry: one type of business: Example, Car industry

regulation: rules for business made by government (in this topic)

research and development US firms: United States firms that invest in research of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and green technology, hightech, and etc.




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