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How to Write an Email Message

The basic parts of an email message are:

From: The box for the email address of the sender. Enter your email address in this box if you are the sender.

To: The box for the email address of the receiver. Enter the email address of the person you are sending the email message to.

Date: No dateline is needed because all mail interfaces generate the date.

Subject: The subject line. Enter subject of the email. The subject line should be concise, mostly a phrase of few key words.

body: the message of the email. Topics could be any subject you need to send an email on, from sending a birthday-congratulation note to a job application cover letter as given below in the example. Use concise and appropriate English.


An Example of an Email message:


Subject job application, customer service rep


Dear Mr. Gonzales,

Attached please find my resume for the position of Customer Service Representative advertised on your website recently.

I believe I am a perfect candidate for this position regarding my experience and training. I am hoping I will hear from you soon to discuss this opportunity in person.


Isabel Goldberg

Tel: 212-378-4567





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