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How can I improve writing in English


Do you like sports, art and science, animals and nature, music and dancing, or cooking? What do you like? Write everyday on a topic you are interested in or hobby.

1) Keep a journal. Go to the gym, movies or dine with your loved ones, or cook. Write about them.

2) Read product labels, book and magazine covers, advertisement billboards, Internet ads from food, clothing and cooking to music art and science. Write labels about products you like.

3) Write in complete sentences. If you can write in complete sentences, then you will be able to write a good paragraph.

4) Use correct syntax. Syntax is another way of saying "Observe the parts of speech in your writing."

5) Write about important events. See how to write a paragraph.

6) Every day, learn a new word of action, feeling, or thinking when engaged in an activity. Learn a new vocabulary when reading or writing. See how to improve vocabulary.

7) Watch movies. Watch old American movies if you like, because the speaking pace in old movies is much more slower than today's movies. Write a review of the movie; what you have learned new, liked or didn't like about it.

8) Be a ferocious reader. Read what you are interested in. Reflect on what you have read and write your reflections.

9) If ideas don'../writing/think-aloud-write-well-shortened.php">think aloud to write well.



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